You've got a need to connect with clients. We've got the delivery system. 


We are a collection of filmmakers, making things together, and having a good time doing it.

With over 7 years in video production, we've learned what works and what doesn't. we are experts at video marketing through social media, website, and television campaigns.



Corporate and Lifestyle Videos

We had the pleasure of working with Milkbone and SoulPancake to create this piece about service dogs and their owners. Any size brand and budget, we can handle your video production needs.

Education Video Campaigns

We worked with Westridge School for Girls to create a video that highlighted the importance of an all girls education. Their video marketing both raised the profile of the school as well as educated potential families about their community and all girls environment.

Music Videos

Wind Up Records and Civil Twilight tasked us to document the recording of their album in Atlanta Georgia.


The decision to include Cardboard Collective in our marketing plans has been one of the best strategic investments we’ve ever made. The team guided us to expand our vision for the use of video and our messaging in a way that captured the spirit and strengths of our brand.
— Emily Lansdell / Director of Marketing and Media